The 7 day brand experience


Uncovering more of the you in your brand: 7 days to brand confidence


The Brand Experience is hosted by Cat Archer Underwood, The Brandologist

& starts on 30th September.

In this FREE 7 Day Brand Experience….

> You’ll going to be guided through this experience, which I’ve carefully put together to take you from hesitant & in-hiding, to confident & feels more you.

> You’ll receive daily emails from me PLUS join our private pop-up group with videos & live Q&A sessions with me.

> You’ll have the opportunity to ask, discover and discuss everything you need to evolve your brand with more of that inner confidence you know is bubbling away under the surface.

We begin on Monday 30th September!


We’ll transition through 7 days of exploration where you’ll discover…

  • Why being more human is going to win you more of the purpose-driven work you love

  • Why your ideal clients will choose YOU over others

  • What the ‘no share’ zone is & this will empower you to show up

  • Simple & immediate techniques for revealing your core messages in a way that feels right

  • Confidence in your brand to be heard amongst all the noise online

And a few other surprises to be revealed inside the group!



  • You’d love an opportunity to access a brand and marketing professional to gently apply 14 years of industry experience to offer guidance

  • You sometimes hide behind what you think you should be doing to build your brand

  • You have the tendency to second guess what your potential clients would like from you & crave that inner confidence to just know it’s right

  • You feel now it’s time to step into your potential & focus on the elements you uniquely bring to your brand

  • You want to go from hesitant, in-hiding & second-guessing, to confident, excited & enlivened by your own potential as an online entrepreneurial brand


what students say…

“you have enlightened my vision & helped bring more of me into my brand”

“your voice oozes something very reassuring, & that makes me want to stay, listen & concentrate. Damn good job Cat!”

“reading everyone’s comments in the group, I feel like I’m on the same page as them & you. I don’t feel like I’m an imposter.”

“your warmth & kindness is so deeply appreciated”

“I like sitting down & making time to commit to my business & myself. Without this course I wouldn’t have made the time to do that”

“The information presented is AWESOME. I’m really learning a lot & I’ve listened to tons & tons of branding webinars”

“I love the step by step unfolding. Also the fact that you prevent me from going into overwhelm by consistently reassuring me. I love it all!”

About Your Instructor


Hi! I’m Cat Archer Underwood & for 14 years I’ve worked in Brand & Marketing for major blue-chips & small businesses. I started freelancing 3 years ago as a web designer, then niched down to specialise only in Branding.

I’m now a creative brand consultant for entrepreneurs around the world, digging deep to uncover what makes them special then creatively directing their brand identity, website, photoshoot & marketing.

I have a Bachelors Degree in Marketing, CIM certification in Branding & I’m trained in Colour Psychology. But beyond my credentials, I can remember only too well that deep fear of putting myself out there - of not having a big brand to hide behind. That’s why I’ve created content like this for people like YOU, who want to build a compelling brand from the inside out, with confidence & integrity.


We begin on 30th September - see you on the inside!